Moving Over

Hello! If you’re here you have found one of my many blogs! There are too many I fear so I’m moving over to a single place.


Find that place here: http://michellejuettsilva.blogspot.com/


Wow. October literally snuck up on me. I thought I had a few more days of September left until I saw a calendar and noticed that tomorrow is indeed October 1st! I guess that means I’ll be starting up my MotD streaming! I won’t be able to do streaming of all of them due to some stuff coming up late October but I’ll keep them going as long as I can! Tune in tomorrow at 9pm Eastern at http://twitch.tv/shelldragon for the fun!

Monster of the Day 2013

Hello old and forgotten blog. I’m reinstating you at my whim once again. The year is 2013 and my intent to create another October of monsters with my Monster of the Day project. I’ll be streaming at http://twitch.tv/shelldragon daily, as I can, my Monsters of the Day. Last year I decided it would be one monster a week and working on it daily. This year, I’ll take up one new monster each day but decrease the level of polish in the interest of time. I’m brainstorming and taking suggestions now, though! So, suggest away!

October MotD 2012

It’s about time again for October and Monster of the Day. I’m going to change things up in an attempt to complete an entire month of monsters. Instead of a single new monster each day, I will choose one monster for a each week and work on it for half an hour to an hour every day until the end of the week. This process starts Monday, October 1st at approximately 9pm EST. I will also Ustream some of them if I can get it all set up and feel confident enough about showing everyone my process. I haven’t decided on a monster yet for week one but I’m thinking of starting with a base idea, growing and changing it each day. I’m completely open to suggestions but please be somewhat more creative than zombies.

Update: After some fussing around with Ustream and with help from some friends from Twitter, I’m going with Twitch.tv to stream this mess come October. Here’s my Twitch.tv url. Keep an eye out on Twitter if this sounds like something you want to spend your evenings watching, I’ll be posting when the stream is live.

Thanks! Here’s to a great October!

Summer Runnin’

It would appear I completely left this blog post in the dust. Fortunately, I did not do the same with my training leading up to the indoor tri and the YMCA indoor/outdoor Anyone Can Tri. Much has happened since January. Here’s a little recap:
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Week 2 (1/29) – My birthday! I organized a run on Monday to celebrate. I think this officially makes me running crazed. I took more rest than usual this week but still got in some runs and a F.I.T. Camp class. Superbowl Sunday!
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I was digging through old art files and checking out how I would use layers in different pieces. I decided to show how I use layers. I don’t use them the same way for every project but here’s one way I used them in the past.
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