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Monster of the Day

Every year since 2008, I’ve made an attempt to create a monster a day during the month of October. I’ve never completed this ambitious project. The farthest I’ve gotten is halfway through the month. I get busy and I forget, particularly on the weekends. I also get stuck on some monsters, not feeling they are good enough to share. The excuses are endless.

“Monster of the Day” has spawned some of my favorite creations so it’s a project well worth the time. Sometimes I’ll come up with an idea for MotD and although it doesn’t get finished for October, I pick it up again later and things that start out like the first image and then become the second years later:

The requirements and definition for “monster” is obviously very broad.

This year I’d like to take another crack at my MotD project. I’m not going to lie to myself and say “This year will be different, I will definitely finish!” Instead, I’m going to start with creating a monster a day and take it as far as I can. It’s cool, no big deal. That being said, I could use some encouragement to keep going. If I fall behind, feel free to harass me on twitter. I also may take suggestions. See you October 1st!


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