Enjoying my clever titles? I’ll “tri” to keep them going.

Here’s what happened(and what will happen since I’m writing this Thursday night) my first week of triathlon training:
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I Can Tri

I’m starting triathlon training tomorrow and I would like to blog about it a bit to share my quest. This is an adventure I would have never seen myself taking on five or even one year ago.

I was never very athletic. I dabbled in swim and tennis in high school but I was never very good at anything. Mediocre maybe, but certainly not varsity level. I was the very bottom rung of junior varsity and I only stayed because my friend was on the team with me. I also took dance classes once a week but again, no amazing ballerina here.

Thankfully, my high school offered aerobics instead of P.E. and I finally found something I was good at. I could do cardio and lift light weights like no one’s business. I was a decently fit teenager.

Then college happened. In college, an unhealthy relationship happened. We’d eat dorm food, then eat fast food because the prior wasn’t satisfying. I gained a lot of weight. Freshman 15? Try Freshman 45. Not kidding. With my tiny frame my bmi skyrocketed from a healthy normal-low to actually obese.
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Crochet Skull!

As you may have seen on my twitter, I couldn’t for the life of me find a good, free skull crochet pattern. It’s not that I have a problem with buying patterns, it’s just that I have no guarantee I’ll understand the pattern and be able to make use of it. Everyone has their own pattern writing style and I don’t always get what they’re trying to say. The free patterns I did find were hideous and not at all in a style I could enjoy and feel proud wearing. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention… or was that second cousin… Anyway, I got so frustrated by what I found that I decided to create my own pattern. I’ve been crocheting for about a month but I’ve done enough variety of things that I could take what I knew to shape what I wanted. Here is the resulting pattern. FOR FREE! Because unless you’re a world class crochet pattern inventor, I happen to think patterns like this should be free. Please share your success or failures with me and let me know if I can make the pattern better!
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Monster of the Day

Every year since 2008, I’ve made an attempt to create a monster a day during the month of October. I’ve never completed this ambitious project. The farthest I’ve gotten is halfway through the month. I get busy and I forget, particularly on the weekends. I also get stuck on some monsters, not feeling they are good enough to share. The excuses are endless.

“Monster of the Day” has spawned some of my favorite creations so it’s a project well worth the time. Sometimes I’ll come up with an idea for MotD and although it doesn’t get finished for October, I pick it up again later and things that start out like the first image and then become the second years later:

The requirements and definition for “monster” is obviously very broad.

This year I’d like to take another crack at my MotD project. I’m not going to lie to myself and say “This year will be different, I will definitely finish!” Instead, I’m going to start with creating a monster a day and take it as far as I can. It’s cool, no big deal. That being said, I could use some encouragement to keep going. If I fall behind, feel free to harass me on twitter. I also may take suggestions. See you October 1st!

Weapon Smithing

  At some point, it was decided that a life sized weapon prop was needed for PAX East. We thought about making the Pain Killer syringe weapon but decided on the Violence Hammer, a piece of steel girder on a pole, wrapped in barbed wire and covered in sharp objects. I’m not a professional prop builder by any means but I do have a number of years of cosplay and costume making under my belt (I’ve even made faux armor!) so I was pretty confident I could make something halfway cool. After traveling to various craft supply, hardware and online Halloween supply stores, we gathered what we thought were the necessary ingredients. But of course, if Mr. Murphy had anything to say about it, things would inevitably blow up along the way. And I mean things slightly bigger than the need that cats feel to sit on paper that has freshly been placed on the floor despite your pleas for them to move because you need it to paint on.
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Project: Plushie

  A few months ago I embarked on a mission that would test the limits of my sanity. I called this mission, Project: Plushie. A plushie or a plush toy is a soft and huggable stuffed animal and normally The Dishwasher would not be associated with these adjectives. It was my quest to prove otherwise and so I went about researching how to make plushies and came across this awesome tutorial. I’ve sewn and made small things before but never completed something like this. At first I created a small prototype entirely by hand, without the aid of a sewing machine, following the tutorial almost to the letter with only a few of my own alterations. The other members of Ska Studios saw it and loved it. Pretty soon, I was tasked to create 11 larger Dishwasher plushies to use as promotional press items.
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How did I get here?
  By plane! The better question might be “how did I get to be here?” I’ll take this question as how did I get to know Ska Studios and how did I come to be a part of it. This is a somewhat long story but, hey, maybe it will be mildly entertaining.
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